Blog Starting Point

Well, It was a good thought to why I did this in the first place, and I hope that this is the proper start to this again. A lot has changed since 2007, numerous job/contract changes, refocus of technical skills and positioning to the virtualization space. The main focus is with VMware and with the Virtual Infrastructure.

Handy Tidbit #1
Process Kill a VM
  • ps -auxwww | grep -i
If the VM is hung and there seems no other way of powering down the VM. (rare)

Handy Tidbit #2
List running VMs
  • vmware-cmd -l | cut -f5 -d "/"
Okay, this one is only from the Service Console. This displays running VMs

Handy Tidbit #3
Reset Root Password
  • This requires a reboot of the ESX host to perform
  • When the Grub menu loads hit "A"
  • Type "single"
  • "passwd"
  • "reboot"
Of Course we never forget our root password :)

Handy Tidbit #4

Information Gathering
  • esxcfg-info -w --> Hardware
  • esxcfg-info -s --> Software
Handy Tidbit #5
Service Console Memory Resize (default ESX 3.5 = 272 Mb, recommended ESX 3.5 = 800 Mb

  • vmware-vim-cmd hostsvc/memoryinfo
  • vimsh -n -e "hostsvc/memoryinfo
  • 512 MB = 536870912 Bytes

More to come. Kickstart, powershell and links.