ESX Command Line Goodies

List VMs running on Host 
"vmware-cmd -l" 

Get VMs state
"vmware-cmd /vmfs/volume/vmfslabel/VMName/VMName.vmx getstate"

Guest OS reboot
"vmware-cmd vmfs/volume/vmfslabel/VMName/VMName.vmx reset trysoft"

Guest OS Start
"vmware-cmd vmfs/volume/vmfslabel/VMName/VMName.vmx start"

Guest OS Shutdown
"vmware-cmd vmfs/volume/vmfslabel/VMName/VMName.vmx stop trysoft"

Guest OS Power-off
"vmware-cmd vmfs/volume/vmfslabel/VMName/VMName.vmx stop hard"

Guest OS Suspend
"vmware-cmd vmfs/volume/vmfslabel/VMName/VMName.vmx suspend"

Check if VM has a Snapshot
"vmware-cmd vmfs/volume/vmfslabel/VMName/VMName.vmx hassnapshot"

Create VM Snapshot
"vmware-cmd createsnapshot name description quiesce memory"

Revert to VM Snapshot
"vmware-cmd vmfs/volume/vmfslabel/VMName/VMName.vmx revertsnapshot" 

Register VM from Datastore on host (Add to Inventory)
"vmware-cmd -s register vmfs/volume/vmfslabel/VMName/VMName.vmx"

Unregister VM from ESX host (Remove from Inventory)
"vmware-cmd -s unregister vmfs/volume/vmfslabel/VMName/VMName.vmx"

Check if there is a pending input request
"vmware-cmd vmfs/volume/vmfslabel/VMName/VMName.vmx answer"