PowerPath VE Installation Directions

Where to Start:
  • Decompress the zip file and extract the RTOOLS portion of the Zip.  
  • Install on your Windows or Linux workstation the remote tools for use later.
  • Decompress the installer zip from the PowerPath/VE  zip file.  (for build 33 current as of today the zip is, EMCPower.VMWARE.5.4.SP1.b033.zip)
  • Place host in Maintenance mode 
  • Open vMA or your windows VMware CLI at a command prompt and type:
    • Windows command shown: vihostupdate.pl --server "servername" --username "username on ESX host" -i -b "Path\EMCPower.VMWARE.5.4.SP1.b033.zip"
    • Enter your password 
    • It installs and requests to reboot host before Powerpath takes effect.
  • Once the host is rebooted and is still in maintenance mode license the PowerPath application
We used the unserved method due to having less than 15 hosts.
  • rpowermt host="ESX DNS Name" check_registration
    • This produces a host ID in which you need cut and paste to enter on the powerlink.emc.com site to activate your license for the host.
    • Go to this Site here and enter the LAC number for your account.
    • Get the license emailed to you and enter it in the rpowermt application folder.
  • rpowermt host="ESX DNS Name" register
    • and the host registers the license file.
It took me a while to find and understand all the steps but it is fairly simple once you do it once.

One word of note:
If you install a kernel patch for the host, you will need to reinstall the powerpath bundle each time and reboot the host.