Failed to obtain PowerPath details for this Host. Error=-1

We came across an error with Powerpath VE and an ESX patch level.  PowerPath 5.4 SP1 build 33 and ESX400-201005401-SG or ESX Build 256968 causes issues with each other.  This error shows itself when the EMC Solutions Enabler is installed, and the EMC Storage Viewer installed.

Running the command rpowermt host=*hostname* check_registration
produces a response ERROR: Powerpath Not Found

We are in the process of reinstalling the powerpath update to see if this resolves the issue but for now at least by running the command esxcfg-mpath -L we can see the LUNs are still utilizing Powerpath and not NMP.

Interm step that didn't work.

Just Reinstalling PowerPath over top of the host didn't resolve the issue.

Update and fix:
Uninstall of the powerpath bundle: --server *ServerName* -r -B EMC-PP5.

Then reinstall the powerpath: --server *ServerName* -i -b *Path_to_file\

Reboot the host:

Licenses pick up automatically.