vimsh usage

vimsh is a useful tool if you could find much on it.  I have always struggled to find any significant documentation on the command scripting engine but I began to understand the usage and navigation today.

Firstly, you need to start with the vimsh command to place yourself in the vimsh Shell.

  1. Type vimsh at the standard bash shell prompt on the ESX console.  This places you within the vimsh scripting engine.  "[/]$"
  2. Next you type "?" to see all the initial commands that can be issued. 
  3. I need to check out the hostsvc because that is where the service console Memory Configuration resides so you type "pls hostsvc" to see available commands within this namespace.  (pls = Plugin List)
  4. The next area is the command "cls hostsvc/" (yes the trailing slash is important) which lists all available commandsets within hostsvc
Still learning... add on later...