Windows Service stuck in stop pending

I was working with VMware Update Manager and was running a scan on the entire VMguest infrastructure.  Well the Update Manager service hung.  I am not going to say anything more about that.  :)

So I went to the UM server and attempted to restart the service.  It sat in stop pending for quite awhile so I decided to kill the process.  hmmm   how do I do that?  I was going to use powershell but the only cmdlet's available are to get- and stop- and restart-.  All in the same token as going through the GUI.

Tasklist.exe /SVC
This displays all of the services running and their PID

Taskkill.exe /PID <PID #> /T
This terminates the service and child processes.

This killed the Update Scan on the VIclient and allowed me to restart the service.