PowerCLI and VMware Update Manager

download link for the add-in

People ask me why use power shell for this stuff?  Some days you are right.  Typing 256 characters for a command versus 20 point and clicks just doesn't make sense.  Well think of it this way, repeatability.   I figure out a command, add it to this blog and fly through scripts when I need to duplicate it over and over for multiple machines.  

If you do this on a regular basis, keeping a repository helps in the long run.

Update Manager is one of those why.  The command line commands are longer than the few mouse clicks and they aren't clearer than the point and click.  Well, I like the idea of being able to automate and have scripts to do this stuff at the ready.  It works great for speed to deployment of new hosts, not a critical piece but it can really help in speed to restoration or creating new.

Some examples:
get-patchbaseline - Shows all patchbaselines configured.
     - displays available patch baselines (note the ID field)
attach-baseline - Attach patchbaseline to Entity
     $vhost = get-vmhost -name <ESXi>
     attach-baseline -baseline (get-baseline -ID 2) -entity ($vhost)
scan-inventory - Scan Entity against attached baselines
     scan-inventory -entity $vhost
get-compliance - Retrieves the compliance to a patch baseline of an Entity
   get-compliance -entity $vhost

Here are some examples of VUM and Powershell.