VMWorld 2011

VMWorld 2011

So far it hits the last day of the conference and I have yet to blog on it.  tsk tsk on me.  I can blame the first few days for the terrible wifi available at the conference or the lack of wireless internet in my hotel room.  Really doesn't matter which it is I am behind...

I have to give kudos to Mark A (http://virtualizationeh.ca)from the VMware performance team for his speaking prowess in all the performance sessions.  He has been fantastic in outlining how tier 1 apps are very capable of virtualization.  Showing different ways to optimize storage, networking, cpu and memory for use of apps in Tier 1 apps like SAP, Exchange, SQL and others.

I loved the comments about tuning the guest as if it were physical.  I am amazed how many support individuals do forget this and this was great to hear and reiterate.

Well off to the general session for the final day and I hope to divulge more information tonight or tomorrow morning about some of the performance tips I learned.