New Post, New Role

Things have definitely changed since the last post and I promised myself that I would post at least once month I have gotten too busy to do it.  Moving from a VM Admin to an Infrastructure Architect changes one's view of technology, changing from full access to very limited in a short order.

What am I looking at these days?

  • Zimbra Collaboration Server is a big one for me, it shows me a major player can create a product that can be a simplified mail and collaboration especially for the smaller organizations.  Although it easily can scale to millions of mailboxes...  Admin Guide
  • vCloud Director and Orchestrator - useful for the really big clients moving manual workflow to automation.  Building entire environments with the click of a mouse, fantastic for the move from Proof of Concept --> Development --> Test --> Production even the move from a public cloud to private cloud as part of the move.
  • VMware View - finished the Fast Track View course and excited to use the skills acquired by that. 

Still many tools to figure out and not enough time to play with them all.