Project Octopus first takes

** Note this is still in Beta **

Project Octopus is a slick file collaboration tool / virtual appliance that allows sharing of files similarly to or Dropbox.  It allows controls to be placed around the files and allows your company to host of the said files.  I see this as a huge product for the Canadian markets as many are frightened about the US Patriot Act and how it effects Canadian information.

First impressions of the product?  This can replace your FTP server that a lot of companies are still grasping onto.  Although it is not the intention of the tool but I could see the functionality of it.  It is extremely handy between devices and between users and I found the web portion really simple.

The tool has 4 possible client installations:







And the Web Based version using one port for the web based and the standard virtual appliance port for the admin console.

As soon as I find out if I can publish more I will update this post.