VMtools - Everything you needed to know, but were afraid to ask - Part 1

Hey All!

This post from Rick Vanover made me think about VMtools and what can be done with them.  He doesn't delve as deep as is needed, but I posted his link for reference.


First question anyone that is working with VMware Virtualization should know is why do you need them.

'c:\program files\vmware\vmware tools\vmwaretoolboxcmd.exe timesync status
  •  Ballooning of the Memory - This one is also pretty cool as it allows the vmHost during times of memory contention, to create a "balloon" process that consumes RAM within the vmGuest and reallocate it back to pool for another vmGuest to utilize.
  • Additional Perfmon counters - It allows greater visibility for the performance monger to take vmGuests / vmHosts performance into account.
That was the first question, next we delve deeper into troubleshooting, better documentation and better performance.