What is VMUG?
As some of you know, I am the co-leader of the Calgary VMware Users Group (VMUG) and I work hard posting to LinkedIn Calgary VMUG group http://www.linkedin.com/groups/Calgary-VMUG-3961033 Tweeting on Twitter @CAVMUG and pushing more and more to bring a community of like minded individuals together to grow the use and sharing of ideas around a solid product line.  

Do I get paid? 
No, it is a volunteer position and I do it because I respect the company and product.

Why go to a VMUG?

Scott Lowe makes some valid points about getting the users to participate more in the groups. http://blog.scottlowe.org/2013/09/18/putting-the-user-back-in-vmware-user-group/
I love hearing great examples of use cases, design thoughts, great tips for performance (Plug for MarkA http://virtualizationeh.ca/), things that make you think and where the market is going.

The VMUG is one such session that is more than the typical vendor marketing, or more importantly, it should be.  We need to bring more and more users into the fold that come to the VMUG, we need to mentor and build a great niche within the IT field.  The bigger the community, the better the product, the better the use.  

I would love to hear your comments, just make sure you put that you are a VMUG member and which VMUG you attend.