Pernix Data, and a Fusion-IO card PoT

Hello All,

This is a Part 2 to the IBM Flash Cache as we took the machine from the previous post, removed the IBM Flash Cache software, removed the vib, deleted the VM and installed Pernix Data on the same system.

Thanks to the help of Andy at PernixData, this went faster than if I had done it myself. 

1. Download the Zip from their download site.  (Request for the download ID from the online web form)

2. Upload the VIB / zip to the VMHost specified, either through the datastore browser on the viclient or through an SCP of some sort the host. 

3.  Run esxcli software vib install -d <zip file with full path> --no-sig-check

4. VIB is installed

5. Install a VM with Windows 2008 R2 or newer and download SQL Server R2 Express for the database to be placed on it.

6. Run the install script to install SQL Server

7. Copy the Management Server for PernixData to the server and install using the Service Account listed in the notes below. 

Note:  Make sure you have a service account to add to the root of the vCenter server Permissions and the administrator's group on the Database / Management Server for PernixData. 

8.  Install the PernixData FVP Management Plugin from within the viClient.

9. Go to the cluster of where you want to use the Caching and click on the PernixData Tab
     a. Create the Flash Cluster
     b. Add the Device (make sure there is no DataStore on the Disk)
     c. Add the Datastore you want to accelerate

And that is it.  The product is installed and it will begin caching as soon as there is stuff to cache.  

Any other ideas, please add to the comments...