Removal of unused plug-ins

Hey All,

Have you ever had a vSphere vCenter plug-in that did not have a proper removal process or perhaps you failed to follow the proper procedure and the management server is gone?  Well following this KB article from VMware helped me remove the rogue extensions.

It discusses the MOB of the vCenter and the removal of these extensions.  (BTW, I guarantee that there could be a powershell method in here but this is simpler for the one of.)

1. 2. Let's say I am trying to remove the pernixdata management plugin
2. Open a web browser and browse to http://<vcenterServer>/mob
3. Login and look under the properties heading for "content", and click on the hyperlink under "Value"

4. Scroll down and locate "ExtensionManager" and click

5. Locate your extension, in this case it looks like this.  Notice the double quotes, and the exact case as this will be needed later on.  (Had to remove the pictures but they seem to have been truncated from the blog)

6. In the lower table there is a method labelled "UnregisterExtension", click on this link.

7. A separate window opens and requests the search string, enter the exact entry from 5. and click invoke method.

8. The plugin will be removed upon the next restart of the viClient.

Note:  Again this is not the preferred method, but can be used if you jumped the gun like I did.  :)