Newsletter Dec 2014

Hello All!

Well it has been quite a whirlwind since the last post, I haven't been able to write for a while. I have a bunch of updates that I wanted to share and hope moving a blog "newsletter" type of format works.

No longer working for an end client -
Interesting things going on in my household.  Moved from a client to working for VMware directly now.  It has been a month and I am enjoying it immensely.  Hopefully I am able to share more tidbits than I did before.

SRM 5.8 - 
Site Recovery Manager has finally been migrated from a VIClient only plug in to a web client accessed service.  The other plus is that requirement for the full SQL server as part of the solution. The install is slick and quick including the install for the embedded database server.  The only issue I found is around the path, as perl is installed as part of the installation and fails the whole installation on a "space" found in the path.  A little more research has to be done as part of this but so far it is much better than previous versions.
The install requires vCenter 5.5 U2 at minimum to install.

Sending F11 through a Mac to an VM running either under fusion or workstation (RDP to the workstation host) - 
This one sparked me to write in this blog again.  Cmd + Fn + F11 is the only way to transfer these hot keys to the VM.  The Mac in its infinite wisdom intercepts the F11 and minimizes everything on the screen.  (Yes, I have a Mac with the new position)

Most useful link on KB of VMware -

Correlate your version number to build number.  I use this one all the time.

Well as I have a limited time to write and this being the first of many (I hope) I will leave this one short.