Newsletter February 2015

Another fine day in February.

A couple new entries in the Newsletter category.

View Cloud Pod Architecture

Pretty cool architecture surrounding methodologies to provide geographic View desktops.  Read more here.

Quick rundown is that it provides global entitlement.  User in LA accesses their View Desktop in a local datacenter then plans a trip to London, UK.  Enters the office there and is able to access their desktop through the authentication locally in London.

Prioritization of a global pool.  It builds a global pool but allows a Home Pool for localized access. Many cool ideas and many cool opportunities.

App Volumes 
If you get a chance to test and deploy AppVolumes by VMware, I highly recommend it.  It is simple and provides a simple approach to deploying apps within a VDI environment.  It took me an afternoon to have the environment setup and one deployed app running on my entire VDI test lab.

Till next time...