Network Frustrations with the P2V process

Network Adapters:

How do you get rid of those old network cards from the config on the server, using the static IP from before?

Typically P2V processes convert the network card to a new network card but leave the existing card resident and hidden. So when you try and setup the IP on the Server it reports that the IP is still in use.

1. Start with displaying the hidden cards:
- Type this at a command prompt 
    set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1
- Next type Start DEVMGMT.MSC to start the Device Manager
- Select View --> Show hidden devices
2. Open up the network adapter heading and see the grayed out devices.
3. Select the grayed out adapters and right click and select "Uninstall"

Other option is to use the "devcon.exe" utility.