PowerGUI and VESI

Virtualization EcoShell being discontinued.


I really like PowerGUI and the Virtualization ECOShell products and it is a shame that it's not going to be updated.

With that being said, if you are wanting to understand and do things in Powershell, I recommend that you avoid working with the PowerGUI or VESI products to begin with.  I literally had to exclusively work within PowerCLI to really start understanding how powershell works with VMware.  I found that working in PowerGUI actually slowed me learning Powershell because I began depending only on powergui and not learning how to interface with the framework.

Just my 0.02


Anonymous said…
I think you got the message slightly misinterpreted. We are not discontinuing the projects - we are merging them. So instead of 2 PowerShell tools to maintain we will be maintaining one - PowerGUI. We have already ported all VESI functionality in there so it is now a superset of VESI and PowerGUI and with the resources we have freed up with the merger are actively working on the next version. PowerGUI will now be able to advance faster and be even more useful for VMware administration. The only thing which you are loosing is the VESI branding. From functionality perspective you are now getting more - not less.

So please get the latest version of PowerGUI at http://powergui.org

Hope that helps,
virtualvelcro said…
I did realize that it would be one product line instead of the two but I did like the VESI product better than the powerGUI for looks and some of the add-ins.

The post I did just didn't come out right... :)
Anonymous said…
Cool. From our perspective all VESI add-ons and functionality are now in PowerGUI. If you find anything missing - please let us know at the forums at http://powergui.org - and we be happy to fix this.