Using vMA as a syslog

We have the vMA version 4.1 in our environment and it is currently used for a log consolidation store for our vm servers.  ** Note: This does not work with the version 5 vMA  **

What are the commands to make it work?

- Log in to the vMA server using the vi-admin user

Using "vifp" to connect to the servers

vifp addserver <FQDNserverName> --authpolicy fpauth --username root

- Check the status

vifp listservers -l

- Once you have the fastpass connection to the server you can set up the logger

vilogger enable --server <FQDNserverName> --collectionperiod 10 --Numrotation 20 --Maxfilesize 5

then check the connection

vilogger list

- and that is it

Now it stores the logs from each of the servers in /var/log/vmware/<Servername>